Antipasto a melange of Italian meats & cheeses, peppers, olives and our Chef’s selections with crostini 17
Baked Asparagus
Simply fresh asparagus baked with grape seed oil, garnished with pecorino cheese 8
Wilted Spinach with Pine-nuts drizzled with extra virgin olive oil 8
House Salad mixed lettuce & fresh vegetables with house balsamic basil vinaigrette 6
Italian Mixed Salad Our house salad with olives, mozzarella, peppers, & Italian Meats 8
Greens Crisp romaine with Josephine’s organic arugala, topped with pecorino cheese served with our house BASIL BALSAMIC dressing 9
Shrimp Ravioli Alfredo shrimp in alfredo atop mascarpone cheese ravioli 13
Calamari Frito calamari fried and served with house marinara garnished 13
Fresh French Bread Stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella
baked then drizzled with seasoned extra virgin olive oil, decadently delicious 12
Gorgonzola, Garlic & Artichoke Hearts Toast Prepared with our pizza crust 10
Shrimp & Calamari Roma Shrimp & Calamari sautéed with white wine, garlic butter, & sun-dried tomatoes 14
Lamb Chops Marsala prepared with mushroom marsala 16
Fresh Mussels prepared in a Garlic Cream, fresh parsley & Wine Sauce 13
Garlic Toast Wtih Mozzarella Cheese prepared with our crispy pizza crust 6
dinner plate pizza pies
Cafe Roma’s dining in ~9” cheese plate pizza pie
with tomato pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese ~13

dinner plate pizza with three toppings 15

combo dinner plate pizza pie & Specialty Pies 20

Take Out & at Our Bar Pies are 16 inches 8 slices~ $15- 28.00 serves 4 Call Ahead for take out orders

House toppings ~

pepperoni, hot italian sausage, fresh mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives, anchovies & jalapenos
Specialty House Recipes ~ dinner plate pies
Margherita pie fresh tomato and Fresh basil with light garlic oil & Fresh mozzarella cheese 20
Three Cheese Roasted eggplant & Portobello pie prepared with a light garlic oil, roasted eggplant, Portobello, Goat, ricotta & mozzarella cheeses 22
Gorgonzola & pine-nut pie light garlic olive oil, pine-nuts and gorgonzola 20
Spinach & feta pie fresh spinach, mushrooms, garlic, pizza sauce, feta & mozzarella 20
White veggie pie prepared with garlic oil, zucchini, mushrooms, tomato & onions 20
Three cheese pie sauteed tomato, onion & garlic, topped with ricotta , basil, mozzarella & parmesan 20
Chicken Parmigian Pie breaded chicken breast atop marinara with Parm & mozzarella cheese 23
Artichoke & sun-dried tomato pie with garlic olive oil, capers and mozzarella cheese 20
MeatBalll Pie prepared sliced meatballs with marinara, parmesan & mozzarella cheese 20
Fontina cheese & Fresh tomato pie topped with thinly sliced proscuitto & fresh basil 22



Con Carnes
Veal Marsala sautéed veal tenderloin, fresh domestic & Portobello mushrooms, flamed with marsala wine finished with pepper, served aside cappellini pasta 24

Oven Roasted Lamb Chops with Rosemary Crust served with mushroom fettucini Alfredo 26

Chicken Gorgonzola Cream with Cheese Ravioli Sliced boneless breast of chicken with gorgonzola cream garnished with walnuts served atop cheese ravioli 24

Served with spaghettini marinara
Chicken Parmigian 23 Veal Parmigian 23
Portabella Parmigian 17 Eggplant Parmigian 17

Spaghettini with Spicy Garlic Olive Oil 13

Spaghettini Marinara 13 Spaghettini & Meatballs 17

Spaghettini & Hot Italian Sausage 17 Spaghettini with Meat Sauce 17

Homemade Meat Lasagna 17 Marscapone Ravioli & Mushroom Marinara 17

Baked Penne with hot Italian Sausage & mushrooms marianra, parmesan & mozzarella cheese 17

Cannelloni with Marinara Sauce

Seasoned Veal & Pork stuffed cannelloni baked with house marinara 22

*Seafood Puttanesca ala Roma Touch of Spicy hot pepper, lots of olives, & tomatoes for a zesty Roma style puttanesca served over fettuccini 26
*Seafood Alfredo Seafood tossed with rich fettuccini Alfredo 25
*Seafood Marinara seafood with marinara, parsley & a touch of garlic atop spaghettini 25

*Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, Calamari & Jumbo Sea Scallops serve the above recipes!

Venetian Shrimp & Sea Scallops

Quickly & simply sautéed with lots of garlic, fresh lemon virgin olive oil tossed with spaghettini 26

Baked Seafood & Three Cheese Manicotti
Manicotti stuffed with ricotta, gorgonzola, parmesan cheeses, lobster Meat, crab-meat, & sea scallops baked with a lobster sherry cream sauce a deliciously Decadent choice! 27
Fresh Snapper Baked with Lemon Caper Butter baked fresh snapper (6 oz petite filet) with fresh lemon, capers, & butter served over cappellini pasta, garnished with fresh parsley! - 24

Vegetarian Specialties
Spicy Vodka Tomato Cream Sauce & Penne 17 ~add hot Italian Sausage or asparagus~22
Sierra Fresh asparagus sautéed with red onion, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, tossed with spaghettini & feta cheese ~18 add shrimp ~25
Penne ala Roma Home style penne pasta tossed with fresh sautéed spinach, mushrooms, & ricotta cheese, topped Marinara with parmesan & mozzarella cheeses ~17
Vegetable Medley Marinara sauteed with garlic olive oil tossed with Wheat Linguine 18
Fettuccine & Mushroom Alfredo garnished with sun-dried tomatoes 17 add ~chicken 24 ~shrimp 25
Baked Cheese Crepes with Marinara Ricotta, Fontina, & Mozzarella stuffed crepes baked with House marinara & Parmesan 20


Dinner Menu

Appetizers or Little Plates

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pizza menu
Pizza Menu